Eye On Burgundy

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Burgundy is one of the hot colors for this year, and I really like this rich, deep shade. So, when I saw Kim Kardashian decked out head-to-toe in burgundy, I realized that a lot of us could use a monchromatic burgundy look.

I was just mad I didn't think of it first! And while a few haters out there *ahem, Dailey* would argue, "you would look so much better in an all red look," but right now isn't about red—it's about burgundy. I actually didn't have these pieces ready when I decided I wanted to shoot this look with a photographer. The only piece I had was the Burgundy turtleneck, so finding everything was a exciting because it was a reversal on the usual process.

This meant I had to find a jacket, pants, and a pair of shoes to put this together. It was a lot easier than I expected because there's so many items available in this color because of it's popularity this year. The black suede Chelsea boots looked great, and suede is back on trend, too! What I like about the burgundy pants is that you can dress it up or down, giving you more to work with for date nights or clubbing.



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