FOMO Factory in Austin



FOMO Factory was a pretty fun experience with a few whimsical backdrop that anyone with an Instagram could find some neat shots to post. Of all the InstaMuseums I’ve been to, FOMO Factory was the most interactive and immersive—almost every room had different props and features to interact with.


My favorite room was the Classroom, with it’s wall of lockers with all sorts of props—books, binders, a locker full of those notes we used to pass around before we had unlimited texting—and a desk set against a wall full of supplies I haven’t seen since graduating high school.

Since I knew FOMO was centered around our childhoods, I decided this was the perfect time to breakout my one-of-a-kind rain parka. With it’s black canvas and pop of color, it captured beautifully as my friends and I walked through the InstaMuseum exhibits.

 Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

The overall theme of FOMO is that child-like nostalgia with its bright, rich colors, kiddie props, and a few throwbacks to our collective childhoods.