To Be Continued


So, it’s no secret that I’ve pre-maturely announced a project that never really took off or became much of anything.

I would feel inspired or compelled to create something whenever a cool idea popped into my head. Here is a list of incomplete projects that have accumulated over the years. If you like any of them and feel inspired to steal a semi-original or unoriginal project, then by all means steal. These are just the freebies!


This was going to be an actual book with never-before-posted pictures of myself along with some of my most “iconic” photos. Yes, selfies are included.

American Gems

A coming-of-age novel inspired by loosely-based events that happened in my life and stories told by my closest friends.

A satirical website featuring anecdotes based on true stories from me and my friends; to be published monthly.

Dr. Gem

This was going to be another website highlighting the life of a medical student if I pursued a career in medicine.


They’re like emojis, but modeled after only my face.


This was supposed to be either a YouTube channel or video series hosted on IGTV with elements of mockumentaries meets vlogs.

Gem Bodycare

An “inspirational” something about loving yourself with an emphasis on health and wellness, specifically skincare.

‘Self Image’

An unpublished short story about modern narcissism and the role social media plays in the dynamics of friendships.

If you think any of these is worth seriously taking into reconsideration, let me know down in the comments. Maybe I’ll go back to the drawing board, and make it happen this year.