The Hat No One Expected Me to Wear

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My History with Hats

Growing up, I was never really a hat-wearing kid. I don’t ever remember wearing hats throughout grade school or college. I was on this anti-hat wave because I believed “my hair shouldn’t be covered up because it’s like I’m wearing a crown.” That changed a few years ago when I took my style in a new direction and put together a few looks that I believed worked well with hats.


There are so many different styles of hats, and the one I really liked up until this year was the “dad hat.” And now I’m warming up to beanies. I used to think they were bummy and gross, and that people who wore them were covering up greasy hair. That might still be true, but it’s not the case for me. A beanie can be slimming for your face, and if you get he right style, it can look great for your winter ensemble.

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