Photos From The Balloon Room

So, whenever I visited The Balloon Room last August, I never actually talked about it in detail. I just grazed over it in my last #Currently. It was the first “immersive photo booth” I’ve ever been to, and the theme was centered around balloons, obvs.

Here are more photos that you didn’t see here or on social media!


The Balloon Room

A company called Big Ass Balloon, focused on big ass balloons, collaborated with an event space called The Revaire. Right away, I could tell you that the venue was huge. There had to be at least 10 different rooms or balloon set-ups, each with a different theme. I did a little research beforehand, and picked out the rooms I wanted to spend the most time in.

I really liked the cloudy one—the room that pulled my attention in the first place. I liked its one-weekend exclusivity, and the ability to interact with, and use the balloons as props. Overall, the experience was great and set the expectation for any type of photo booth in the future.