Stop Inviting Me To InstaMuseums

I’m tired of these

This was the third InstaMuseum/Pop Up/”Exhibit”/whatever that I’ve been to, and I really don’t know how other people do it because I’m bored already. I get it. It’s really in right now and it’s an easy cash cow with a high ROI and large profit margin. But, I’m over it. I’m just not one of those “stand in front of a wall/mural/something generic that yields the same thousand photos for everyone.”

Some of these exhibits are more interactive than others, and I really appreciate those because you get to work with your environment and come up with something different, even if it’s not really that different.

The Experience

These were taken at Flower Vault, and my friends and I were severely underwhelmed. There’s only five rooms and the front space, and what people don’t tell you is that each room is very small and limited in what you can do. Out of the five rooms, only one was interesting to me. And, there’s really nothing there for you to interact with at all. You would have to bring your own props to elevate the experience.

Maybe I would’ve felt differently if I thought to experiment with angles and what’s in the foreground and background. To me, this was something you could make at home if you really wanted to. Overall, it just wasn’t something I found exciting or interesting.

It just felt very un-special.

What’s Important

On the other hand, sometimes it’s not the environment that makes every photo special. These photos are really special to me because it’s a memory that was captured with someone who is special to me, and on her birthday—sometimes that is all that really matters.