Resting Brunch Face

In my world, we can easily run a tab upwards of $50 and more on brunch. Which, if you really think about it, is kinda stupid. We pay $15 for an avocado toast that anyone could make in their own kitchen. But, brunch isn’t about how much we spend on dishes and bottomless mimosas. It’s about catching up, having our photos taken, and talking shit while enjoying a beautiful spread laid out in front of us.


To my friends and I, brunch is the one place to leave someone out and make it known. Not being extended an invite to brunch is like being ostracized because your friends are obviously mad at you.

The List

Tiny Boxwoods

Come for the beautiful platters, boards, and plates. This is this place to be if you want to sit outside with a gorgeous backdrop while you eat and gossip.

3614 W Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77027

Tiny’s No.5

Tiny’s No.5 is the younger sister to Boxwoods, and she’s quaint with her beauty lying in the interior. A huge convenience when brunching at No.5? Access to Tiny’s Milk and Cookies—warm chocolate chip cookies, house-made ice cream or both.

3636 Rice Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Avocado Toast,  Tiny’s No. 5

Avocado Toast, Tiny’s No. 5

The General Public

I live for the food at General Public in City Centre. It’s American b-fast with a dash of extra for that special twist. And, the inside has so much natural light for the best photos.

797 Sorella Ct Ste 118, Houston, TX 77024

The Dunlavy

Probably the most extra brunch spot on this list. The extravagant chandeliers should have been a dead giveaway. With all glass-windowed walls, the lighting in here is superb.

3422 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019


After their recent renovation, I’m glad to see they retained the same brunch menu—classic American food and some of the best Bellinis.

2356 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005