Here are a few facts that I feel not a lot of people know about me.


I REALLY LIKE disposable cameras

I love mixing old and new media. BUT this kills me every time—seeing Snapchats on other platforms. I do not support it at all; I think it's so corny. I have strong opinions about it, like I think it's tragic and my friends all know not to expect a 'like' from me. Those pictures should stay on Snapchat! People who post their Snapchats on Instagram have serious issues.


Selfish Habits

I have a signed copy of Kim Kardashian's book, Selfish. There's a lot of pictures, so I haven't finished reading it yet.



I'm a literal poster boy for "there's no such thing as bad publicity" because when Chick-Fil-A had bad publicity a few years ago, I started eating there. When Pepsi had bad publicity for their tone-deaf ad with Kendall Jenner, I wanted to drink more Pepsi—I'm the worst boycotter. Because a lot of people were suddenly talking about these brands, they were on my radar and I wanted to consume their products.