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About The Site

If you're reading this, then felicitations—you know how to click on a link! You might be wondering what this space is about, so allow me to break it down into my favorite simple words: style and pop culture. You won't be able to find anything about the latest bargain bin find or unflattering articles of clothing that will make you look worse here. What you will find is another harsh, but well-meaning gentleman carefully crafting classic looks that one could find on Kanye West or maybe Lucky Blue Smith, the Dickie Dollar Scholars, a tiny Kardashian kid, or maybe from a copy of GQ Style.

In our modern age, it seems like there's nothing we can do without it being captured or seen because of our phones. It's like every day is a photoshoot, and every waking moment is a photo opp, and every iteration of social media is a news publication. And with some effort, knowledge, and creativity, you'll look better than the average American.

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About gemrick

Gemrick was born and raised in Houston, where he learned to dress better and be mean to his friends.

Those said friends can attest to how much he alludes, alliterates, and uses a lot of acronyms and emojis. He enjoys terrorizing his friends, and looking good while doing it.